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Photo by Vikka Leoni

About Me

When Nicole was a tiny ballerina, she would lie face up and wedge her heel beneath the bar of her bed frame for extra split-stretching time, too excited for her next dance class to bother sleeping. Nicole has since used that drive to become a graceful, serpentine aerial artist with wicked, flowing lines. As such, she focuses on strong technique as well as carving out non-traditional shapes and pathways.


Classically trained in ballet, pointe, tap and jazz, she danced for Orlando, Florida theme parks and events before immersing herself in aerial arts in 2012. Although lyra is Nicole’s primary love, she also excels at silks, hammock, cube and lollipop lyra. Nicole is an accomplished, emotionally invested performer, choreographer and storyteller who has performed throughout Florida and the Southeast as well as the Bahamas, Belize and Mexico.


When she isn’t performing solo or in a duo, Nicole is usually training in the studio or squealing with glee when one of her students achieves even the smallest victory. She feels happiest choreographing and making art as well as helping students make skills their own.

Photo by Vikka Leoni


with AntiGravity Orlando

Photo by @Worshipography


  • Bluelala Entertainment, aerialist: lyra, silks, hammock, lollipop lyra, dance, 2020-present

  • Cirque Bishop, company member, lyra: lollipop lyra, silk, hammock and character performer gigs throughout Florida and Belize, 2019-present

  • AntiGravity Orlando, company member, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” Orlando, FL 2017: bungee track, synchronized cube, lyra duo, choreography; gigs throughout Southeast (choreographed and ambient), 2016-present

  • Kevin Black Productions, “Cirquesco,” burlesque/circus production, South Florida tour: hammock and soloist, choreography, dancer, Feb/Mar 2018, 2020

  • Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival, San Fransisco, CA; lyra soloist, choreography, 2019

  • Atlanta Aerial Arts Festival, Professional/Emerging Artist Showcase, Atlanta, GA: lyra soloist, choreography, 2018

  • Circo Espectacular de Mexico, traditional circus, south Florida: lyra duo, 2016

  • Orlando Nude Nite, high-end art show: lyra soloist, choreography, 2017

  • Bolshoi Ballet, Russian ballet company, Florida tour: Corps dancer, 1996

  • Sunset Music Festival, music festival, Tampa, FL: lyra atmosphere, 2017

  • Imagine Music Festival, music festival, Atlanta, GA: silks and lyra atmosphere, 2015 and 2016

Photo by James Cole

Photo by James Cole

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